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25 October 2016 | Blog

Futbol Kolektyw- The first scouting tool in Poland.

We are a group of football lovers, who, knowing the football reality in our country have come to a conclusion that methods of talent management have to be dramatically changed.  The reality which was familiar to us not only from heard stories but primarily known from our own experiences – as everyone of our team […]

10 February 2016 | Blog

Welcome to Code for Poland

Code for Poland is a community searching for technological solutions to social challenges

20 November 2015 | Meetups, Tricity

New brigade in Tricity

Tricity is famous for its big IT ecosystem – big companies, startups, incubators and variety of meetups. From Wednesday 18th November we’ve join that ecosystem organizing Code for Tricity brigade, a meetup dedicated to use technologies for social benefit.

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