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Krzysztof Madejski

Krzysztof Madejski

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Fact-checking browser extension

The Demagog.org.pl initiative has been checking statements made by Polish politicians for over 2 years now. Demagog’s goal is to keep an eye on the politicians’ public activity and check whether they are telling the truth, using a fact-check methodology. We analyse how politicians form their arguments, we check the underlying facts, and we label […]

kodujdlapolski.pl webpage

This site, which you are now on, is open source. Go ahead and use it for your initiative. We’re happy that Code for Americas brigades in Oakland and San Francisco are reusing our designs.  

Lodz’s budget visualisation

We visualise budget in dedicated form for Lodz

Metro for all

A community website and mobile app that makes it possible to check the availability of any connection via metro taking into consideration architectural barriers!


10 February 2016 | Blog

Welcome to Code for Poland

Code for Poland is a community searching for technological solutions to social challenges

20 November 2015 | Meetups, Tricity

New brigade in Tricity

Tricity is famous for its big IT ecosystem – big companies, startups, incubators and variety of meetups. From Wednesday 18th November we’ve join that ecosystem organizing Code for Tricity brigade, a meetup dedicated to use technologies for social benefit.


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