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Wojtek Sańko

Wojtek Sańko

Code for Poland Program Manager

animator of interdisciplinary collaboration between companies, NGOs and specialists in various fields. He combines these perspectives to inspire developers to support non-governmental organizations in their work. Evangelist of technological solutions responding to social needs. In his free time, he enjoys reading and watching sci-fi stuff and playing strategic games.

Takes part in projects

Urban FRAME – public participation in urban planning

Urban FRAME is a grassroots tool dedicated to improving transparency and engaging citizens in the city planning process.

kodujdlapolski.pl webpage

This site, which you are now on, is open source. Go ahead and use it for your initiative. We’re happy that Code for Americas brigades in Oakland and San Francisco are reusing our designs.  

Plant your street

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14 September 2018 | Blog, Warsaw

“Open Data from Below” Ricky Abisla from Caravan Studio at Hacknight Warszawa

“Open Data from Below”   Open data is all around us; it helps us get navigate our cities, find out if we need to bring an umbrella, and find out the location of public services. But what happens when data just doesn’t exist? How can communities organize data for themselves? How can this data become […]

17 March 2017 | Blog, Tricity

Code for Poland Festival of Apps for Communities and Democracy

Code for Poland Festival of Apps for Communities and Democracy Technology as common good. How does “civic tech” work today in Poland? Can technology improve the standards of living in cities and local communities? Do public authorities use IT tools to improve their contact with citizens and deliver high quality services? How does civic tech […]


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