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GOP – Katowice

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Nie prowadzimy spotkań w Katowicach. Chcesz zacząć? Napisz do nas.


How will I get there

An analysis and online survey dedicated to mapping most neglected, yet crucial public transport routes in the Silesian agglomeration.

Easy Rider

How do we cycle in the city?

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Website presenting local events  

Radio Oświęcim

App to listen the local online radio – so simple that even your grandparents will be able to use it




Hackerspace Silesia

Hackerspace Silesia

Hackerspace is a community of creative people with different areas of interest related with modern tech. We meet together in one place to create, socialise and take part in more or less crazy projects. Hackerspace Silesia consists of people from the whole Silesian Voivodeship and beyond. We organize events, workshops, prelections, we cooperate and co-create.

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