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Autyzm PG

E-technology in autism treatment The Autism PG project is a family of applications that support behavioral therapy for people with autism with e-technologies. Autism PG applications provide electronic versions of activity plans and dedicated games, supporting different parts of the therapy process. Use of technology to support the therapy leads to very good results and […]

PANkreator – glam2animatedgif

PANkreator – we reuse digitalised resources of PAN Gdansk library We want to give a new life to digitalized resources of PAN Gdansk Library. They are unique, amazing and thus worth to be seen by wider public. for everyone who is interested in history, old fashioned photography, vintage style, and who loves to share it via […]

Urban FRAME – public participation in urban planning

Urban FRAME is a grassroots tool dedicated to improving transparency and engaging citizens in the city planning process.

National Bike Routes

Bike Map and Bicycle Route Network – our web app shows a network of paths and suburban roads suitable for recreational bikers and lets you plan YOUR trip.

Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet from a nearby shelter

Tristar Eye

Get Tricity traffic reports in real time. Two clicks to check congestion in whole Tricity.

Throw it

Where and when to dispose of waste in your city

Plant a Tree

Allow citizens to choose where to plant trees and shrubbery in your city!



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No meetings in our schedule
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