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ePF Foundation

ePF Foundation mission is to strengthen citizen rights for access to information, free speech, open culture and freedom of communication. Foundtion creates tools for open culture, public information and civic media. On these tools it builds citizen engagement and information skills, thus strenghtenig democratic processes.

Code for Poland program was founded by Foundation in 2013, to develop and support community of people sharing above values and building tools for public good on their own.


Meetups organizers

Hackerspace Silesia

Hackerspace is a community of creative people with different areas of interest related with modern tech. We meet together in one place to create, socialise and take part in more or less crazy projects. Hackerspace Silesia consists of people from the whole Silesian Voivodeship and beyond. We organize events, workshops, prelections, we cooperate and co-create.

Collaborating with

Code for All

We belong to Code for All, an international network of organizations who believe that digital technology opens new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities. We share knowledge and deploy each other projects. See project being developed around the world and engage in coding specific tasks.


Testarmy is a professional company providing IT testing services (funcational, usability, security, mobile apps, etc.). They support Code for Poland projects, because they believe in the social impact of technologies.

Meetup hosts

Starter Incubator

Starter is a space, knowledge and networking. It is a community. We alter the future and way of thinking by creating future winners – from preschoolers to businessmen. It is easier and quicker to develop with us rather than solo. Starter increases start-ups’ chances for success by motivating to think out of the box and to be creative from the beginning.

See also

Metro for all

A community website and mobile app that makes it possible to check the availability of any connection via metro taking into consideration architectural barriers!

Share a challenge to solve! Share a challenge to solve!