Autyzm PG

E-technology in autism treatment

The Autism PG project is a family of applications that support behavioral therapy for people with autism with e-technologies. Autism PG applications provide electronic versions of activity plans and dedicated games, supporting different parts of the therapy process.

Use of technology to support the therapy leads to very good results and helps in whole process. The project is being developed by people who want to make other people’s life easier, so apps created as a result are going to be free to use, download and develop for everybody forever.

The project was started by students from Gdańsk University of Technology in cooperation with Institute for Child Development. Few applications are developed in Autism PG project but currently within Code for Poland we are working on second version of Friendly Plans application.
Some information about first Friendly Plans version:

Please see our repo too:

Project page updated: 11 April 2017
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Project status: Development
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations
Development status: Active
Developed locally in: Tricity


Małgosia Solecka

Team leader, developer

Mikołaj Lewandowski

Team leader, developer

Artem Goncharenko


Illia Ovchynnikov


Mateusz Gabrynowicz


Magda Baranowicz

Tester, PR

Natalia Krzeszowiec


Maciej Bogacz

Graphics, UX

Michał Gruca