Plant a Tree

Allow citizens to choose where to plant trees and shrubbery in your city!

Plant a Tree (pl. Bank Nasadzeń Drzew – BAND) is an innovative portal thanks to which you have the chance to take care of the environment in which you live. Become the designer of your local space even today by planting various species of trees and shrubs in the spot you selected yourself. Take care of your and your family’s health and enjoy the nature!

Planting a tree is free, but you can count on numerous benefits. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, absorb air pollution, mask unpleasant smells, and protect the quality of the water resources, etc. Moreover, you get a beautiful green neighborhood.

The app is utilitarian and educational. It will teach you about many things and show you the process of tree planting in public urban space, as well as inform you about the species’ particular territorial requirements and specific stages of development of your tree.


Project page updated: 29 June 2016
Dedicated for: Cities
Project status: Official / running
Developed locally in: Cracow, Tricity
Technologies: PHP, Wordpress


Łukasz Nowacki

Łukasz Nowacki

Arek Sołdon

Arek Sołdon

Tomasz Nadolny

Tomasz Nadolny

City of Gdańsk coordinator
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PHP/Wordpress dev