Silent Hero

An app to comfortably report situations that require intervention

Thanks to the simple app, dwellers can now send concise information regarding the situation.

The information is sent to municipal services or NGOs that have undertaken to deal with situations of a particular kind.

The management of the incoming reports is as easy as checking your email – it only requires a web browser.

The app ensures that the relevant recipient receives complete information necessary to carry out an intervention.

Full flexibility makes it possible to tailor the report form to the needs of the organization.


For whom?

For cities – it’s a solution based on a simple code that we will help implement

For organizations – receive reports from the dwellers in the field of which you take care (e.g. stray dogs, illegal advertisements)


The project has been suspended, but it is virtually implemented. We are looking for partners (cities, municipal units, organizations) that would like to use Silent Hero (pl. Cichy Bohater) as a form of communication with the dwellers.



Project page updated: 3 March 2016
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations, Cities
Technologies: Android, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Ruby


Jakub Lasek

Jakub Lasek

Coordinator, developer
Andrzej Błaszczyk

Andrzej Błaszczyk

Former coordinator, developer