Easy Rider

How do we cycle in the city?

A tool to connect daily commuters by bike with people responsible for city planning. The app is also providing lot of interesting info for cyclicts.

Registering cyclicts trails
Once installed, the app works in the background tracking user movement. Based on that we can estimate if the user was walking, cycling or driving the car.

Activity statistics
We provide users with daily statistics of their movements:
• total kilometers,
• average speed,
• types of commuting

Reporting road problems

We allow to report road problems (dangerous intersection, hole in the road, having to cross the street to continue the journey) , other users can accept or dismiss this report.

Information for users

We will send notifications with road problems ahead, but also some other useful information like:
• weather
• smog alert
• nearby bike stands
• bike rentals

Project page updated: 4 March 2016
Project status: Development
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations, Cities
Developed locally in: Katowice