Not Only Elections

Platform promoting and informing about opportunities for civic engagement

Through Not Only Elections (pl. Nie Tylko Wybory) we inform citizens about the ways in which they can engage in their local and supralocal matters; we also guide them through all the stages step by step.

We collaborate to prepare legal guides that are to help the interested people.

We connect authors of various initiatives with people supporting them.

Future plans

  • engage local activists and NGOs
  • continue to develop the prototype together with them
  • implement the project as a trial and test it in several initiatives
  • establish a community
  • promote our success
  • extend the activity to other cities


Project page updated: 26 June 2018
Developed locally in: Lodz
Technologies: Javascript


Weronika Grzejszczak

Weronika Grzejszczak

Coordinator / specification / design
Jarosław Góralczyk

Jarosław Góralczyk

Expert in the field
Thomas Tursics

Thomas Tursics