Open Archiving System – OSA

OSA (Otwarty System Archiwizacji – Open Archiving System) is a free application for describing, publishing and searching archival collections. It was created by KARTA Center Foundation for community archives. The program can be used by non-professionals – it has educational functions. It is based on the standards of the International Council on Archives.

Community archivists can describe their collections and present them on the portal. Users can search community collections from all over Poland – historical photographs, family collections, memories, social history documents, audio recordings, postcards, etc.

OSA can be used by non-governmental organizations, libraries, museums, informal groups – all who have interesting, unique collections.

We help community archives

There are about 500 community archives in Poland. KARTA Center Foundation supports these organizations, organizes trainings, publishes educational materials, and strives to support them through various institutions. These activities are described on portal. Before we developed the Open Archiving System, there was no tool to professionally describe the community archives collections (compliant with archival standards, and at the same time suitable for non-professional archivists). Each organization described the collections in its own database, which made it impossible to search them all together. That’s why OSA was developed – an easily accessible and free application that allows online access to archive descriptions and the archives themselves in digital form. The application contains prompts to help you properly describe archive collections. OSA contributes to the promotion of historical knowledge, community archives and their collections.

Project page updated: 19 March 2019
Developed locally in: Warsaw
Project status: Development, Official / running
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations, Cities
Development status: Active
Technologies: Java, Javascript