We are designing an effective, easily constructible, and relatively inexpensive air quality meter.

Such meter will measure:

  • air pollution – the level of chemical compounds such as CO, NO, NO2, NOx, O3, PM2.5, PM10, Benzene, SO2 (the percentage in comparison to the average), – what is more, I would greatly appreciate help from an expert who knows what should be measured and what is not useful so I am waiting for support or contact details of a person that could aid me!
  • noise (decibels),
  • air humidity,
  • air temperature,
  • UV,
  • insolation.

We want to set up the prototype meters on roofs and balconies to collect data and be able to put it on a map. The map would show the air pollution level in real time. Wrocław is already using a device to monitor the pollution level, but unfortunately it is limited to three locations and we want it to be a lot more.

Project page updated: 10 March 2016
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations, Cities
Developed locally in: Wroclaw