Tram GPS

A mobile app showing the location of Warsaw’s trams in real time

More and more Polish cities place GPS transmitters in the means of public transit. TramGPS is allowing you to check whether you’re not late for your tram!

TramGPS is designed to present the kind of data that Polish cities have at their disposal and allow the dwellers to check the location of particular means of public transit in real time. The trial implementation in Warsaw with regard to trams will help us overcome the toughest challenges and make it possible to extend the implementation to other cities.

Your tram/bus is often late due to traffic jam? Check how long it is before it arrives this time!


The story of the TramGPS project started in 2013. Since the beginning the project was focused on attempts to open up the public transit data to dwellers. Within several months of development the team already had a ready iOS app, but as it turned out, 2 years passed before Warsaw disclosed its GPS data. It also would not be possible without involvement of significant entities. In the meantime the team became disheartened.

So there is a virtually ready solution waiting for implementation in Warsaw. We are also looking for people from other cities who would like to get involved in advocacy activities to disclose the public transit data.

Project page updated: 3 March 2016
Developed locally in: Warsaw
Project status: Public tests
Dedicated for: Cities
Technologies: iOS, Scala