Urban FRAME – public participation in urban planning

Urban FRAME is a grassroots tool dedicated to improving transparency and engaging citizens in the city planning process.

We support public participation in urban planning by building a tool dedicated to city hall-to-citizen and citizen-to-city hall communication at every step of the planning process. We engage citizens to participate in consulting local plans, architects’ propositions, and small-scale public spaces created in the process. UrbanFRAME allows an informed dialogue regarding public city space between designers, investors and citizens.

UrbanFRAME consist of three connected modules:

GeoFRAME – exploring a spot, mapping needs and challenges of local community, spatial diagnosis for revitalizations, pro-active conflicts spotting.

ArchiFRAME – testing architects’ proposition with its future users and local community in 3D in-browser model. Interactive surveys, spatial analysis (aesthetic and functional impact), virtual weeks in and around the object.

MikroFRAME – participatory planning of public spaces in still 3D photos. A technological support for public consultations, prototyping of greenery and small architecture. More information can be found on Plant your street landing page.
Project page updated: 3 April 2017
Dedicated for: Cities
Developed locally in: Poznan, Tricity