Plant your street

Intuitively design your neighborhood

Plant your street (not the official name yet, – a play on words) makes it possible to design your local space: the square you live at or the street you walk every day.

The app is supposed to facilitate the dialogue between the residents and the authorities that influence the shape of cities.

Using the web app, you will be able to mark what your neighborhood needs. The addition of elements of gamification, and a system of voting for the designs will make it easier to determine the needs of the residents.

Take a photograph or find the spot in Google Street and place a bench, a swing or whatever you like there! Plant trees and shrubs, show your design to others, pass it on, and collect votes!


What kind of needs are satisfied by

  • the dwellers can actually influence the look and functionality of their neighborhood
  • the authorities and community organizations are provided with an appealing tool for gathering opinions about a location and effective participation
  • our needs because we all want to enjoy cool spots!


Project page updated: 26 June 2018
Developed locally in: Warsaw
Project status: Development
Dedicated for: Civil society organisations, Cities
Technologies: Django, Javascript, Python


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