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New brigade in Tricity

20 November 2015 | Meetups, Tricity

Tricity is famous for its big IT ecosystem – big companies, startups, incubators and variety of meetups. From Wednesday 18th November we’ve join that ecosystem organizing Code for Tricity brigade, a meetup dedicated to use technologies for social benefit.

Meetup has been opened by four presentation:

After introductions sessions we moved to workshops, which goal was to brainstorm ideas for projects to work together.

I Trójmiejski HacknightIMG_20151118_194847IMG_20151118_194449



What’s next?

Pierwsze spotkanie służyło poznaniu się, zobaczeniu co nas interesuje, co moglibyśmy zrobić. Opisane wyżej luźne pomysły służą jako punkt wyjścia – jeżeli ich nie czujecie to poszukajmy czegoś innego.

1) We meet next Wednesday in the same place at 18hours

2) For communication online we use mainly FB discussion group

3) If you have an idea for a project or sth you would like to present, please start a topic on the forum and share it on the FB group

Krzysztof Madejski

Krzysztof Madejski

Koordynuje program Koduj dla Polski, zarządza projektami technologicznymi
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